M A S Medical Surgical Articles & Requisites Trading is one of the leading distributors and supplier of unique solutions. It has more than 27 years’ experience in Medical Industrial Services. M A S was founded in Jordan in 1993. Our Team & Management have an experience in projects and services within GCC & UAE in particular of more than 20 years. Our company philosophy on outsourcing and distributing STATE-OF-THEART Medical equipment & technology, devices and consumables. We represent high profile global manufacturers


Our mission is to meet the needs of health sector through the provision of high quality medical equipment & materials, medical consumables & instruments and medical diagnostic equipment. We specialize with the following Medical Products :

  1. Medical equipment .
  2. Beauty, Fitness & Wellness SPA
  3. Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
  4. Pharmacy Storage & Automation Solution
  5. Speech therapy & Special needs
  6. Disposable & consumables
  7. Veterinary Equipment
  8. Medical Equipment & Furniture
  9. Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment Read more
  10. Education and E-Health

We at M A S Medical focus on CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION to gain their LOYALTY and RESPECT through the means of our EXCELLENT SERVICES. We use to provide the “Tomorrows technology … TODAY! ” and with the highly caliber and pro active professional member of our team.


Our vision is to become the leading organization in the health sector humanitarian & special services , Scientific & Educational Supplies and to be recognized by all the institutions through the means of Product Quality, Services and the Excellency of our professionalism.
We value the following :

  1. Recognition of human dignity.
  2. Awareness of customer’s rights.
  3. Acknowledgement of personal talent.
  4. Continuous improvement in process, products and business Relationship.
  5. Our commitment to give responsible and personalized service to our Partners of resources.
  6. Continuous education & training to employees to raise the higher level of knowledge


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