Our company, which we founded in 1996, took its first step into the sector in ” SAUNA FOREVERYHOME ” and “WE ARE TRANSFORMING THE 2ND WC OF YOUR HOME INTO SAUNA”. These slogans saw newsworthy value and contributed greatly to the spread of sauna culture throughout our country with the attention and support of the national press.

The Bionic Health Scanner offers you an innovative and economical way to keep track of your patient’s state of health over 38 parameters – from amino acids to heavy metals – with hundreds of values ​​up-to-date and regularly.

The unique mode of action* of the Airnergy technology can be explained solely by
the biological significance of the body’s own ability to use the air we breathe.
In airnergy breathing, the body can only optimally use the entire energy potential of the breathing air.

Cesare Quaranta has been working for over 35 years in the field of professional aesthetics. The company is specialized in the design, production and distribution of professional devices at the service of beauty and well-being and is a reference brand for all operators in the sector who intend to make use of versatile, reliable and innovative tools and technologies.

Based in Northern Italy, Callegari has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative and professional devices for the medical, pharmaceutical, beauty and wellness sectors since 1930.

IDS Group is : a global leading manufacturer in Aesthetic, Surgical, Dental, Cosmetic and Veterinary, we are specialized in manufacturing for Multiple function of lasers which can use both Surgical and Aesthetic or Surgical and Dental treatment simultaneously

AKERN® is an Italian company founded in 1980, dedicated to research and development of bioimpedance medical devices and software for body composition analysis. Bioimpedance results reliability striclty depends on the type of electrical model adopted. The new REGIONAL BIA measurement model leaves geometrical assumptions behind to follow the real anatomical path of the electrical current, providing more sensitive, more accurate measurements for every region analysed

What’s so different about Longevity’s Ozone Generators? Longevity realized way back in 1995 that Design and Engineering of Ozone Generators for UltraPure Applications must be focused on three (3) primary factors….. factors that no other manufacturers, to this day, are adequately addressing

METRUM CRYOFLEX is a well-established European manufacturer of medical devices. In our offer you can find wide range of devices for cryotherapy, pressotherapy, ozone therapy and most recently laser medicine. During last 29 years we have produced and sold more than 10 000 units on global medical market. Over 7000 private clinics are using our devices worldwide


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