Metrum Cryoflex was established in 1992. The company is situated in Poland, near Warsaw. First products that we launched on the market were cryosurgical devices – Cryo-S series. Since that time we have been significantly expanding our business. During last 20 years we have produced and sold more than 7 000 units on global medical market. Within last 2 years we have allocated over one million euro for R&D programs, design & production of technologically innovative devices like surgical diode lasers, new cryosurgical units and fractional CO2 laser. Our turnover has been successfully increasing, reaching the level of 4 million euro in 2011.



For the solutions of your individual needs our specialists become your reliable partner for medical technology , tunnel construction and diving technology. Thereby you can trust in more than 25 years of experience.



Fjordblink® Medical’s mission is to promote pain relieving water birth by manufacturing and marketing birth pools that meet the highest requirements for hygiene, comfort, and ergonomics. It is well established that warm water has a soothing and pain relieving effect. In collaboration with leading midwives at Danish hospitals, Fjordblink® Medical has developed a unique birth pool for pain relieving water birth.



Mr. Xinsong Jiang who is the expert of automatic control and robot technical and the main founder of robot industry in China, he put great efforts in robot industry and industrial robotization for long time in China. The first center of robot engineering R&D in China was established by him and leads the technical group to develop many series of robotization products used in water, Industrial, special using. As the chief scientist of robotization field of national "863" plan awarded international reward in CIMS field. He is the trailblazer of robot industry in China and also made a important contributions of automatic control and robot researching, for many kinds of robot researching,


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